Death Photo Of Robin Williams Dead By Means Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation?

Death By Means Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation? "It Was A Hollywood Thing"

Autoerotic Asphyxia (AeA): Asphyxia caused by intentionally strangling oneself while masturbating in order to intensify the orgasm through reduced oxygen flow to the brain.

On August 11, 2014, at approximately 11:55 a.m, Marin County Communications received a 9-1-1 telephone call reporting a male adult had been located unconscious and not breathing inside his residence in unincorporated Tiburon, CA. The Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Tiburon Fire Department and Southern Marin Fire Protection District were dispatched to the incident with emergency personnel arriving on scene at 12:00 pm. The male subject, pronounced deceased at 12:02 pm has been identified as Robin McLaurin Williams, a 63-year-old resident of unincorporated Tiburon, CA.

An investigation into the cause, manner, and circumstances of the death is currently underway by the Investigations and Coroner Divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. Preliminary information developed during the investigation indicates Mr. Williams was last seen alive at his residence, where he resides with his wife, at approximately 10:00 pm on August 10, 2014. Mr. Williams was located this morning shortly before the 9-1-1 call was placed to Marin County Communications. At this time, the Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia, but a comprehensive investigation must be completed before a final determination is made. A forensic examination is currently scheduled for August 12, 2014 with subsequent toxicology testing to be conducted.

Actor Robin Williams Dead By Means Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation (AEA)! "It Was A Hollywood Thing" Read More>>>>>



  2. That is NOT true! Robin had Lewy Bodies Dementia you ass holes!

    1. so you agree that SUICIDE is noble? and that Robin deliberately took his own life - took the noble way out?

      And that this was no accidental death caused by engaging in a perverted act?

      One last question......

      Is masturbation a sin?

    2. Suicide is a personal choice, so it does not concern to you or anyone else to judge it.
      Masturbation is a personal choice too, although it is a very bad idea not to do it, being a Nature suggestion.

      So no, there's no perversion in it.

      There's a lot of perversion in Church, that's a fact.

  3. Agree with the Anonymous posters. dxv515; Suicide is anyone's choice at any time and is definitely a better choice than losing one's mind to an untreatable disease which will only bring pain and suffering to those you most care about. (not that it pertains to this case but because you brought it up) : Masturbation is a thing people do, sin is a thing that was made up to control the masses thousands of years ago. I pity the sad, limited existence you lead where the words of men long dead control your life instead of living by the true principals of an evolved mankind; do as though shalt, inflict no harm to others, love thy fellow man and women.

    1. I read your comment & you scream with so much ignorance. Please don't comment on things you don't know anything about.

  4. He didnt kill himself while masturbating. geez people. he did it because his disease was getting worse and he was losing his motor skills and becoming depressed.

  5. who the fuck in there right mind would even think of putting this on the internet, he was/is a role model to so many people and yet others think its okay to put a picture of someone who took their own life on the internet for the world to see, think about it would you want your dead body on the internet...espicially a photo like that, thats horrific and makes me sick to think of who put it up.

    1. you have a problem with a Crucifix? You know - dead Jesus Christ on the Cross.


    2. Apparently... you would. The title of the article starts off with, "Death Photo of Robin Williams". Nobody tricked you into looking at this photo. You clearly wanted to see this picture or else you never would have clicked the link to this page.You really should get off of your high and mighty moral horse and quit being a hypocrite. I loved Robin Williams. He was one of my favorite actors. There was something very unique about him. He had this way if making you laugh hysterically yet feel his pain at the same time. He was a great role model but that ended the day he killed himself. I believe photos like this need to be seen. As hard as it is to see them I believe they serve a purpose. They show the true horrors of suicide and take away some of the glamour some people associate with taking ones own life. This photo is so disturbing and traumatic. If I was considering suicide and saw this photo it would definitely make me think twice.

  6. wtf delete this photo immediately its not your right to post dead photos of such a legendary actor geez

    1. Is a Crucifix OK with you?

      Seeing that a Crucifix depicts a Dead Jesus Christ......


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